America’s unique greatness rests on the power of its diversity - the United States is a country built on the idea of “we,” not “they.” The complete story of America, therefore, has to include those Americans labeled “minorities,” whose past is told only in bits and pieces in standard history books - or in a month-long celebration separated by individual race, or gender.

The TimeLine Project tells the stories of all Americans of color, and of women. This website has an easy-to-use format: short text summaries, then longer explanations, images, sound clips, and for even more information, links to external sites which have been reviewed and approved by our editorial board.

The TimeLine Project tells two important American stories: 1) the history of people of color in America from 1500 to the present, and 2) the story of significant women in America from 1800 to the present. All TimeLine items are placed in the context of world events and “traditional” American history.

The TimeLine of American Race Relations™ tells the stories of Native Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders from 1500 and the arrival on this continent of the first European explorers to the present. While showing incidents of ugly resistance to equality, the TimeLine shows the continuing arc of progress, as Americans of color succeed in many fields: science, all the arts, politics, education, medicine, sports, media, religion, technology, and more. Every contribution helps America realize its promise.

TimeLine of American Race Relations:

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The TimeLine of Women in America™ identifies the challenges that have faced American women, and the milestones of their achievements from 1800 to the present. The struggle of American women for equality continues to help redefine the roles played by women in the United States. Their achievements are grouped by Arts, Education, Law, Business, Politics Science and Sports, and are put in the context of events pertaining to women's equality in countries around the world.

American Women's TimeLine:

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